Recent rain is triggering rockslides.

Everyone is welcoming the recent rain. An unfortunate byproduct is rockslides. Colorado State Patrol is reporting several rockslides. Some of which are impacting traffic. As of this morning, there were two along I-70 at MM 43 and another at MM 48. There was also a report of a rockslide on Highway 65 at MM 56. There was a report of a tractor-trailer hitting rocks on I-70 but nobody was injured.

It's been so dry for so long. Suddenly, we're getting long bouts of steady rain. That falling water works it's way into the soil washing it away and loosening the rocks. Once one rock begins to move down the hill, it dislodges others and the next thing you know you have a full-blown rockslide.

CDOT has been working around the clock to clear highways and clean up the slides. You can check current Colorado highway conditions at any time by clicking HERE. There you'll find traffic and weather updates plus, you can click on the various highway camers along your route and see the situation for yourself in real time.

CSP and CDOT are urging motorists to use caution over the next 24 hours as the rain and snowy conditions persist.


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