A Grand Junction coffee shop recently experienced theft of money from its donation box.

The shop, Four Winds Coffee and Tea, uses the donation box to raise money for local students to help with their college expenses. However, just after being allowed to reopen at a limited capacity, an unidentified suspect stole the money from the box.

Four Winds Coffee and Tea is located at 1235 Bookcliffs Avenue, and operate under non-profit status. Lead barista Joy Schmitt expressed the importance of raising money for prospective local college students emphasizing the amount of work that it takes to get into school. She also added that the students that receive the money work volunteer hours at the shop.

Schmitt noted that the amount of money stolen wasn't terribly significant, but also pointed out that because of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, every little bit counts.

The person suspected of stealing the money was caught on Four Winds Coffee and Tea's security cameras, but as of now, police have been unable to identify the alleged thief.

I know how hard it is to be a college student, and how both mentally and financially draining it can be. In fact, I graduated ten years ago and am still making student loan payments. Not only is tuition expensive but as opposed to high school, college students are also required to buy their own books, which are not cheap.

It's really admirable that Four Winds Coffee and Tea go out of their way to help prospective college students, and hopefully, police will be able to catch whoever stole the money and replenish the funds.

[KKCO 11 News]

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