This Colorado bear seems to love swinging as much as I do. Watch this bear swing around while it lays down at the Wild Animal Sanctuary.

As if Monday wasn't already rough enough, now we've added Daylight Saving Time into the mix. Watch this Colorado bear as it lays down on a swing and swings around. This bear is our mood on this Monday.

I can relate to this bear so much as it sits on a swing in the middle of a field at the Wild Animal Sanctuary. I'm envious, I wish I was this bear. If only I could spend my Monday just chilling out and on a swing like this.

While I like to swing at Sherwood Park, this bear prefers more solitude. Not a soul is in sight as it peacefully swings back and forth. Eventually, the bear topples over and lays down, propping its feet up in the air.

The bear moves its body back and forth to keep itself swinging and just looks o content. It takes in the scenery as it rolls around on this huge swing. It seems like this bear has a pretty nice and stress-free life at the Wild Animal Sanctuary.

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