Big roller coasters can be frightening, but it's this wee-size one that will really get your horrified glands pumping.

Someone thought it'd be a great idea to build a roller coaster on the back of a truck and then parade it through Bassersdorf, Switzerland. Because Europeans are crazy that way. At least Europeans from Switzerland.

The action in this clip is short-lived because the coaster itself is not big by any means. Still, once you see it moving, you're going to be all, "Umm, there's no way I'd get on this." If this was a Swedish creation, yeah, maybe, because they have IKEA and have proven they know how to assemble things. But this is Swiss and we don't have any knowledge of them being master engineers.

Then again, no matter how much of a wizard you are building things, maybe constructing a roller coaster on the back of a truck is a bad idea. Just a thought.

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