A new thread appeared on NeoGAF overnight detailing an interesting new offer from Microsoft concerning the Xbox One.

Some players who boot up their Xbox 360s are greeted with the splash image above, offering a $75 "promotional credit" with any purchase of the Xbox One at the Microsoft Store or selected retailers. The code presumably can be entered into the Xbox Live Marketplace after purchasing the new console for an instant $75 addition to the player's digital wallet.

The promotion does seem to only be for certain Xbox 360 owners, made evident in the "as our way of saying thanks we're giving YOU, one of our best customers..." section. If you didn't get the offer this morning, chances are you're not going to, unfortunately.

This may seem like an act of desperation, but it's actually a wise move from Microsoft. They've already dropped the price of the console by $100, and now they're essentially offering a free game and one-third off of another game just for buying the console. If we hadn't sprung for the whole package at launch for that Day One achievement, we might consider taking this deal.

We're not sure if this will help Microsoft in the short term, but their willingness to try a deal like this brings up a great point from another NeoGAF member in the thread: Black Friday will be really interesting this year.