For the Grand Valley residents that lived through the disappearance of Jennifer Blagg and her six-year-old daughter Abby in 2001, the news that the man convicted of killing Jennifer might be released from jail, has many Grand Valley resident upset.

Michael Blagg was convicted in 2004 of shooting his wife in the head in her sleep in November of 2001. He then dumped her body in a dumpster that was later found by investigators in the Mesa County Landfill.

Their daughter, six-year-old Abigayle (Abby) has never been found and Michael Blagg was not charged with her disappearance.

Flash forward to 2014. New evidence has been found that a juror on Blagg's trial lied on a pre-trial questionnaire about her background. The juror said she had never been a victim of domestic violence when in fact she had been a victim for 10 years.

In the 23-day Blagg murder trial, domestic violence was a major issue.

Based on the less than truthfulness from the juror, a judge has ordered a new trial.

Blagg had been imprisoned without the possibility of parole. Now he's been transferred to the Mesa Country Jail where a new trail date will be set.

If a judge rules, Blagg could be released on bond, angering many Grand Valley residents.