In addition to his main gig as guitarist in Metallica, Kirk Hammett has branched out into the horror arena with his Fear FestEvil and KVH toy line. For the past few years, he's also been involved in KHDK Electronics.

Co-founded by Hammett and industry veteran David Karon, the company's latest venture is the Ghoul Screamer guitar pedal, which will be available beginning Oct. 31. Hammett says, "I'm excited as hell!"

Karon adds, "Kirk had a very specific vision for the Ghoul, to perfect a circuit loved by generations and create massive tones that redefine overdrive."

The company's chief engineer Antonin Salva says, "With Kirk's diverse tones in mind, we knew he needed a Swiss Army knife of overdrives. Under his direction, we achieved and surpassed his vision with the Ghoul Screamer." The company also sells Overdrive and Clean Boost pedals. All KHDK's pedals are hand-crafted and tested in the USA.

In Metallica news, the band continue to work on a new album, even though Slayer guitarist Kerry King says he's not sure a new record makes sense for them. Metallica's concert calendar is currently empty, leaving them a window to finish up the follow up to 2008's Death Magnetic.

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