Do you know of a Mesa County student looking for assistance with their homework? An on-demand service is available to students of all ages and levels.

Have you heard of Brainfuse HelpNow? It's available to anyone with a valid Mesa County Library card. As the Mesa County Public Libraries official Facebook page states, Brainfuse HelpNow is, "Free online tutoring for all ages."

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How does this work?

According to the MCPL official website, this service offers anywhere, anytime eLearning for all ages.

Brainfuse HelpNow™ provides differentiated learning solutions for users of diverse needs and background. Students communicate with live tutors using an interactive whiteboard to chat, write, draw, copy/paste text or images and graph homework problems.

Where can you learn more about this service?

The MCPL offers both a useful and concise user guide as well as a demo video.

Who exactly are the tutors?

According to the Brainfuse HelpNow user guide, the tutors are screened, trained, and managed directly by Brainfuse.

Our tutors are recruited from a diverse tutoring pool and include a mix of professional tutors, retired instructors, graduate students and college faculty members. Only tutors with proven backgrounds in tutoring/teaching in their respective fields are hired by Brainfuse. Over 80% of tutors have a Master’s degree or a Ph.D. in their field.

What if English isn't your first language?

According to the Facebook post, the site offers Spanish-speaking tutors.

What about those seeking tutoring outside of the academic world?

Let's say you're embarking on a job search. As you are no doubt aware, diving headfirst into the job pool isn't exactly the easiest task in the world. This would be another example of how Brainfuse HelpNow can be of value.

Brainfuse helps students and job seekers reach their goals by connecting them with qualified eTutors and job coaches anytime, anywhere.

Where was this awesome site when I was in school?

Seriously, if this learning tool had been available back in the 1980's when I was in school and college, I would have worn it out. The tutors would have told me to leave them alone and go find something else to do. For that matter, it would have been equally handy when I stumbled not-so-gracefully into the job market.

Put this invaluable learning resource to use.

Put simply... we have it. The service is there to use. If you have a Mesa County Libraries card, this is available to you, anytime, anywhere. If you're a Mesa County resident and don't have a library card, go get one. Seriously, what are you waiting for. The benefits of an eLearning option such of this is priceless. Use the service to its full potential.

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