It's one of the largest weed busts in Colorado as Mesa County Sheriff's find over 3,000 pounds in the back of a truck.

Saturday afternoon a Mesa County Sheriff’s Deputy was on duty and driving along Patterson Road. He just so happened to have his window down on the nice day when he rolled up behind a rental truck. About that time he caught the hint of weed in the air. It appeared to be coming from the truck. After following the truck for some distance he finally pulled it over. When the deputy walked up to the driver-side door he smelled an "overwhelming odor of unburnt marijuana.”

When questioned, the two men in the truck couldn't get their stories straight. The deputy asked if he could take a look in the back of the truck. When the door went up the weed smell "was overwhelming." Inside were three suitcases, duffel bags, and a dozen or more trash bags filled with weed. When the load was weighed down at headquarters, it came out to about 3,100 pounds.

The two in the truck were arrested and charged with marijuana possession with intent to distribute. They're both being held at the Mesa County Detention Facility.

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