Do you recognize these individuals? Security cameras picked up these shots during a break-in at a Western Colorado storage facility.

Sorry, but these are the only images available. The Mesa County Sheriff's Office would appreciate any information you might have regarding the identities of these two people. The male suspect is described as:

  • wearing a tank top
  • large tattoo on most of his right arm

The female suspect is described as a female.

Both suspects arrived in what appears to be a darker colored sedan.

My question: Why this particular storage unit? This unit is one of a dozen or more in that aisle alone. Most storage facilities house hundreds of storage units. It seems unlikely to me this unit was chosen because it had a cheesier lock, or because it possessed some structural flaw making it easier to break into.

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Most break-ins I'm familiar with involve a person looking for a specific item or items contained in a particular place. I can't believe this unit was chosen purely at random.

Information is scarce, but should you have any knowledge as to the identity of these suspects, please contact the Mesa County Sheriff's Office at (970) 242-6706 or via private message on Facebook. You can also send a tip to Crime Stoppers of Mesa County.

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