The annual Men In Heels Race downtown was a huge success!

This was my first year participating here in Grand Junction. Doing this radio thing you find yourself involved in annual Men In Heels events. I'm nervous every time. I believe this is my third actually slipping on the heels and taking a lap. It's a spectacle. No man can walk away without a greater appreciation for the woman that wear these things on a daily basis.

This year's event raised over $23,000 for Hilltop’s Latimer House and Domestic Violence Services. The fellas from the Church of the Nativity were the fundraising champions with $3,067! The race champions were Rocky Mountain Orthopaedic. The Mesa County Department of Human Services team finished second, and the ServPro team came in third.

"Thank you" to everyone that volunteered their time and efforts to this great event! Please take a couple minutes and check out the video. I had a GoPro strapped to my chest. It's our Townsquare Media "Radio Rockettes" performing horribly and good for a few laughs.

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