Some of you may know that I moved to Grand Junction about a year and a half ago. Since moving here, I've been on the search for a companion, and I've finally found one. Meet my new friend Rocky.

Rocky is an 18-month-old German Shepherd, who was in foster care waiting for his furever home. I came across Rocky as a referral on the Front Range German Shepherd Rescue website, and contacted his foster parents to find out a little more about him.

His foster parents told me the sad story of Rocky's childhood. Rocky's original dad, Matt,  -- originally from Gunnison - is in the military and got Rocky in Washington where they lived. Matt was deployed to Korea and had to leave Rocky behind.

Long story short, Rocky was locked in a kennel and not fed by the person he was left with.

Rocky's dad was contacted by animal services, who told him that they had Rocky in custody and that he was in rough shape.

On a 10-day leave, Rocky's dad flew back to Washington where he found his beloved pooch weighing barely 53 pounds. After a visit to the vet for a check up on his overall health, they flew back to Gunnison where Matt's family resides.

Matt contacted Sue, who took Rocky in as a foster to see if she and her family could take care of him. Sue told him if he didn't fit into their family, she'd find someone who would take good care of him.

That's where I came in. I met Rocky last Wednesday at the fairgrounds in Montrose. His foster parents were going away for the weekend, and this was my first introduction to see if I wanted to take him home on a trial run, instead of him going to a boarding kennel.

When I first got out of the car, I couldn't believe how beautiful he was - I'm a sucker for GSDs, raised with one most of my life - and how awfully skinny he was.

Tim Gray

Rocky hopped out of his truck and ran right up to me, then decided he'd jump into my car. Once we got him out, I knelt down to pet him and introduce myself, and was greeted with a wet tongue. He's such a friendly dog.

We spent an hour or so walking around the parking lot, sniffing everything he could get his nose on. I asked all the pertinent questions and such, but had come to the conclusion he was going to come home for a visit.

He rode so well in the car on the way home, just chillin' in the back seat calm as could be. He'd come up to the front every now and then to see what was going on and sneak in a few kisses.

Once we got home, we hung out for a little bit and played with his ball. This boy is very ball driven. The intensity in his eyes when he's focused on the ball is unbelievable. He'll follow that thing to the end of the world.

Tim Gray

We spent the weekend going on walks, to the park to play ball, and a hike to Mica Mine. Everyone we met while out and about was impressed at how well behaved Rocky is, and was in even more shocked to know that he was behaving that well after only being with me for a few days. If you know GSDs, you know they're a smart breed, and Rocky fits the standard pretty well.

It was only a few days in when I made up my mind to keep Rocky as my furever companion, and yesterday that was finalized.

Sue got me in touch with Matt so I could let him know Rocky was in good hands. I told Matt he could keep in touch to see how well Rocky is doing, and if he comes to town to get in contact and he could see all the improvements Rocky is making.

Matt was nice enough to send me some of Rocky's puppy photos, which was awesome of him and I can't thank him enough for doing.

Rocky as a Puppy

There will be many more stories from the adventures of my homeboy Rocky and me causing trouble. If you see us walking the streets, feel free to stop and say "Hi!" to Rocky, just ask first before you reach down to pet him.