Do you really have the right to complain about your fast food? With a level of quality that typically ranges from "OK" to "Alright," you just need to be happy with whatever is served up.  In other words, you get what you get.  Especially if that fast food is coming from a gas station.  n fact, here's a simple rule of thumb: If you're buying food from an establishment whose first priority is something other than food, you can't complain about it's quality.

On Saturday night, 60-year-old David Haslett of Memphis had a hankering for some chicken. So he went to the local gas station and bought some, of course! Unhappy with the quality of said fried bird, he returned to the gas station and got into an argument with employee Ibrahima Sene, who was cleaning the parking lot at the time. The fight escalated, and Haslett eventually pulled a knife on Sene and stabbed him!

Police were called to the scene and when they arrived, Haslett was standing in the middle of the street, still holding the knife. And he had been sprayed with a fire extinguisher as well. He was arrested, charged with aggravated assault and has a $40,000 bond. All over some gas station chicken.

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