Need to make some extra cash? Then get your booth space at the fall addition of the World's Greatest Yard Sale. The event will take place Saturday September 27th in the parking lot of the Mesa County Fairgrounds.

Just stop by the studio's at 315 Kennedy Ave between 8am and 5pm Monday through Friday to pickup your booth space. This time the booth space is 18' X 18' and will cost you just $30 bucks with an additional 18' X 9' space only $5 bucks.

Then all you have to do is knock out a few items on that honey-do list like clean out the garage, storage unit or shed and sell that stuff for extra cash. You know you haven't use some of that stuff in years so why get rid of it?

Those chores have been on the to-do list for a while now and you could make mama happy by getting that stuff done and we all know if mama is happy everyone is happy.

Get you booth space for the World's Greatest Yard Sale and get ready to make some extra cash by getting rid of those little treasures you no longer need or want.