The party is just about ready to start. Preparation has begun for the Loudwire Music Festival at the Jam Ranch. Above you can see the main stage where Weezer, Linkin Park, Rob Zombie and countless other bands will do very loud things. Here are a few of the other places you'll want to know about prior to Friday.

Tent - Photo - Jeff "Doc" Holliday

This is one of the many tents you'll encounter on your way to the main stage area. Off in the distance you can see where the magic will happen.

Vendors - Photo - Jeff "Doc" Holliday

When you are in need of food or drink, this row will become your friend.

On A Stick - Photo - Jeff "Doc" Holliday

We are fans of anything "on a stick" when it comes to festivals. Loudwire will be no exception. Don't forget about the Campground Party that starts tonight with Dead Cowboyz, Fit for Rivals and We Are Harlot!