We hope you enjoyed the Loudwire Music Festival as much as we did. Great bands who delivered some amazing performances were the best part in our opinion. However, there are always things that can be done better.

We have had some great input from listeners who joined us at Loudwire with both positive and negative feedback. Believe it or not, we actually want the negative feedback. Your experiences help us pass along the word so that next year's Loudwire will be even better.

Here are some thoughts that have been sent to us.

1.  Bring back the Jumbotron.  Many in the crowd wanted the big screen to better see the bands. If you were back in the nosebleed section way up the field where I spent most of Loudwire, you would probably have appreciated a better way to see who's doing what.

2.  Reserved seating being upgraded to VIP not always a good thing.  We thought this would be received as a positive thing, but some actually preferred the reserved area for one reason or another. What you may not realize is the increased crowd in the VIP area was requested by the bands and not us. The performers thrive on activity in the areas near the stage, so that was one of the many factors behind the "upgrade." But, we realize some were not exactly happy with the last minute change.

3.  Signing Tent.  We had more than one request that there be some central area where bands could sign autographs after performances. We hear you and will see what can be done.

4.  Balloon animals. OK, the truth is no one asked for this and you're not getting it in the future either. Unless, Lzzy Hale asks for it. Then, balloon animals are happening. End of story.

All kidding aside, we want more of your input. Hit the comments section here or through Facebook and we promise we'll make sure your voice is heard. If you are really mad about something, we would prefer a personal message or email instead of a public whipping. But, that's just our request. Thanks again for making the Loudwire Music Festival an amazing experience!