As Limp Bizkit prepare to release their new disc ‘Stampede of the Disco Elephants’ on Cash Money Records, the band recently shared their new video for the first single ‘Ready to Go,’ featuring rapper and label mate Lil Wayne.

The video, directed by frontman Fred Durst, takes fans behind the scenes of all things Limp Bizkit. The scenes change from shots of the band formulating set lists to guitarist Wes Borland’s unique preparation for the stage. It's all intertwined with live concert clips of Limp Bizkit performing before thousands of fans.

Sticking close to the unwritten rules of vintage rock videos, the clip also has it’s fair share of video vixens partaking in water wars and kiddie pools, making it a little NSFW.

Rapper Lil Wayne, who guest stars on the song, also appears in the video, laying down his verse with a special shout out to Durst, “Red hat to the back like Fred Durst.’

While no official release date has been confirmed for ‘Stampede of the Disco Elephants,’ it’s expected to be out in early 2014.

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