I am not one to join in the whole "fat-shaming" that is going on with Lady Gaga right now. Sure, she has gained a little weight, but I know I'd still give it a try. I don't like her music, and I am not a big fan of her face, but a paper sack and a peak at a photo she put on Instagram and I am game! 

I am not sure what it is with pop stars showing their boobies on social media these days, but I must say that pop stars have some pretty decent racks!

The photo was posted on Friday (July 18), well the pop diva was aboard a plane wearing a low cut white dress with a hefty gold necklace and she decided to take a selfie. One of her ta-tas managed to get a peek at the camera as well.

I guess you don't look at the picture before you post it for the world to see, that or you want to create some buzz for yourself. Either way, she deleted the photo right away. However, horny men, and money-hungry bloggers around the world were quick to screenshot that sh@*, and you can see the whole, real, certainly not-safe-for-work picture here.