Keep all of the fish you can catch at Groundhog Reservoir.

Groundhog Reservoir is being drained. The dam gates aren't operating properly and leaking at this western Colorado lake. To make the repairs the water level needs to be lowered. As a result, Colorado Parks & Wildlife has issued an emergency fish salvage designation for Groundhog Reservoir. The bag limit has been lifted. That means you can take home everything you can catch! If you love fresh fish as much as I do, now's your chance to stock up the freezer. All fish must be caught with traditional methods. The bag possession limit will be lifted through April 1st, of next year.

The ramp is closed due to the low water level so launching a boat is tricky. However, hand launching a small boat is possible. The reservoir is less than a quarter full so prepare for muddy conditions around the water's edge. Right now, CP&W is encouraging everyone with a valid fishing license to harvest the fish before they start dying. The lake will be drained over the next 20 days or so.

From Grand Junction, it's about a 3-hour drive down to Groundhog Reservoir. The campgrounds are fully functional and the weather will be cooling soon making for a great fishing opportunity. CP&W will restock the lake next year after the repairs are complete and the lake begins to refill.

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