As we speculated the other day, it’s possible that the negative reception to Batman vs. Superman could impact how Warner Bros. and director Zack Snyder proceed with Justice League. The two-part Justice League movie is currently scheduled to begin filming in three weeks, but it looks like Snyder and team have already made the decision to have their superhero crossover movie be less dark and more fun.

Snyder and his wife Deborah, who works as his producing partner, spoke to IGN and confirmed what we all hoped would happen. “Justice League is a bit lighter,” said Ms. Snyder, “because of some of these characters. Flash tends to be a little more comedic.”

The director himself agreed with that sentiment and added:

One of the things that lightens it is having Flash and characters that are more, optimistic. Batman v Superman in particular is two characters who are at a crisis of conscience that brings them together.

So basically, Flash, that’s your answer. Justice League won’t be as dark because it has Flash and he’s flashy. (It’s amazing to think that at one point, Phil Lord and Chris Miller of The LEGO Movie and 21 Jump Street fame would be writing a Flash movie that would have existed in the same universe as Batman vs. Superman. They have since departed to concentrate on the Han Solo spinoff at Lucasfilm.)

There were rumors about two years ago that DC Comics movies had a “no jokes” policy, which is sorta ridiculous, but was more indicative of their desire to strike a different tone than the lighter, funnier Marvel movies. But, there’s a distinct difference between movies being funny and fun. I don’t care if your movies are funny; I don’t need non-stop bat-puns. But, it would be nice if your superhero movie was fun. Wonder Woman is great in Batman vs. Superman because she’s fun, and she stands out against the grim, dark backdrop. During the climactic battle with Doomsday, she’s smiling; she even looks like she’s having fun!

Hopefully now that Superman and Batman are past their “crisis of conscience” they can learn to lighten up, even a little bit, for Justice League. That, plus Flash and Wonder Woman, can go a long way towards making that film a lot more enjoyable for fans and critics alike.

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