Ice cream and donuts do something really fantastic to me, but by no means does it compare to what a woman can do to me, or my right hand for that matter! But there is a woman from Colorado who seems to knock out two birds with one stone, or should I say, one piece of cake... 

Nigella Lawson made cooking a raunchy, sensual experience but she has nothing on Gabi Jones. When Miss Jones eats to excess, she has an orgasm.

Miss Jones, who lives near Denver, gained national attention back in 2011 when she told a British newspaper that eating to excess causes her to have orgasms.

Jones reportedly suffers from persistent genital arousal syndrome, a medical condition that causes people to experience orgasms without direct sexual arousal.

Jones had added 209 pounds by eating things like ice-cream, cakes and pizzas to reach the height of sexual pleasure.

She has since decided to profit from her affliction by setting up a fetish website where punters pay to watch her scoff herself to orgasm... Whatever man!