For the 64th time, the city of Grand Junction is hosting the Alpine Bank Junior College World Series and it's time to play ball.

JUCO World Series Brings Out Thousands of Fans

It's one of the biggest events of the year in Grand Junction when thousands of fans pack Suplizio Field to watch junior college baseball teams from all over the country compete for the national championship. If you ever wanted to see what it looks like to have the stadium packed with fans, just come out for the Memorial Day fireworks game or the championship finale and you'll find out.

Zane Mathews
Zane Mathews

JUCO Baseball Is Great Fun

Even though you may not know the names of the players on the field or be familiar with the teams that are playing, JUCO tournament games are a lot of fun. The stadium looks great, the atmosphere is fantastic, there are plenty of delicious ballpark food options, and the price to attend really isn't bad.

Zane Mathews
Zane Mathews

A Variety of Ticket Options

Whether you are a casual fan who might take in one or two games, or a diehard who wants to be there every time the gates open, there are a variety of ticket options. How much you pay depends on how many games you want to see - and from what vantage point you want to watch the action unfold.

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JUCO World Series General Admission

The cheapest way to go is always going to be general admission, whether you want to buy individual game tickets or a tournament pass. If you plan on attending at least four games, a tournament pass is the way to go.

Single Game Tickets - $10
Tournament Pass - $35

JUCO World Series Reserved

If you want to spend a little more and be guaranteed to get the seat you want, there are several options available for reserved seats. Singe game reserved tickets and reserved tournament passes are available.

Single Game Reserved - Third Base Line: $12
Tournament Pass - Third Base Line: $80

Single Game Reserved - Behind Home Plate/First Base Line: $15
Tournament Pass - Behind Home Plate/First Base Line - Not Available

JUCO World Series Holiday Weekend Passes

Another option is to buy single-day passes over the holiday weekend. These allow you to see all of the games on a particular day.

Saturday Day Pass (4 games): $36 (Behind Home Plate/First Base) $24 (Third Base)

Sunday Day Pass (3 games) $27 (Behind Home Plate/First Base) $18 (Third Base)

Monday Day Pass (3 games) $27 (Behind Home Plate/First Base) $18 (Third Base)

JUCO World Series Championship Game

As you might expect, except for general admission, the ticket price for the championship game is going to be higher if you are buying reserved seats. These will be in high demand and will be increasingly difficult, if not impossible, to find the closer we get to the finale.

Reserved: Third Base Line $15
Reserved: Home Plate/First Base $18

Buying Tickets For JUCO World Series

The ticket buying process for the JUCO World Series is pretty simple. On the JUCO website, you can select the kind of ticket you want to purchase and you can see exactly which seats are available and which ones are not. Getting general admission tickets won't be a problem, but, if you want reserved seats, your best bet is to get your tickets as soon as possible.

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