'Leave No Trace' cranks up with Earth Week.

Earth Day is Monday, April 22ed. The 7 days leading up to the celebration is Earth Week and part of that weeklong celebration is the 'Leave No Trace' effort. Its mission is to remind everyone to get outdoors and participate in a cleanup effort. Any amount of effort that helps the cause matters even if it's picking up a single piece of trash.

Earth Day came about 39 years ago as a protest of the negative impacts of industrial development. Today, Earth Day is a worldwide event with an estimated 1 billion people in 192 countries taking part in the largest civic-focused day of the year.

The week leading up to April 22ed is known as 'Earth Week' and in conjunction with that the 'Leave No Trace' movement is asking for you to take action to help clean up. You're encouraged to share your clean up efforts on social media with the hashtags #LeaveNoTrash and #EarthWeek.

As ground zero for some of the best hiking in the country remember that every time you step foot on the trail, it's up to you to safeguard the outdoors and minimize your impact. Try to always practice the principles of Leave No Trace.

Hikers, campers, or anyone enjoying the outdoors should always remember these tips...

  • Be prepared to pack out all your trash
  • Use a camelback or reusable water bottle
  • Stay on the designated trails
  • Always leave what you find
  • Participate in local trail cleanups

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