Rocker Joan Jett is one of a handful of new investors who have recently teamed up with a Colorado pet food company that specializes in meatless products.

The Colorado Pet Food Company in Which Joan Jett is Investing

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The pet food company is known as Bond Pet Foods and operates in a very unique way. The company began back in 2017 in Boulder, Colorado where it still operates and has its headquarters.

The most unique and interesting thing about Bond Pet Foods, however, is how it creates its special type of meatless pet food.

Bond Pet Foods creates what is known as "nature-identical" meat-like proteins to be used in pet foods, a process that is used in a special lab that they have onsite. Through this process, Bond Pet Foods creates proteins that are similar in nature and nutrition to chicken, beef, fish, and others through a type of fermentation.

Not only do these synthetic proteins mimic the real deal in numerous ways, but they also meet all of the same nutritional requirements that actual meats must in order to be used in pet foods.

Rocker Joan Jett Hops on Board with Colorado Pet Food Company

It was just announced Wednesday, September 7th, 2022, that a number of investors in the company have raised a total of $17.5 million which will be used to increase the number of products created by the company, overall production, as well as staff.

In addition to Joan Jett, a number of investment groups have hopped on board to help the company reach this goal as well as another famous musician, Australian singer Sia.

Joan Jett isn't new to this type of activism, as she's been involved with animal rights for many years and is a practicing vegan herself.

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