We recently had comedian and newly-turned metal frontman Jim Breuer stop by our studio in what wound up being a hilarious visit. As many know, Breuer is personal friends with Brian Johnson, who remains on the outs in AC/DC at risk of total hearing loss, and who has been replaced by Axl Rose at least in the interim. Putting friendship aside, we asked the Breuer on his thoughts of Axl singing in the band and who else he would have accepted up front and his answer may surprise some of you.

A lifelong AC/DC fan, Breuer is unable to accept Axl fronting the group and even went as far as to say that the band is done. He doesn't condemn the Guns N' Roses mainman, shrugging his shoulders and simply summing up that Axl's work does cut it for him personally. Rather than watch the band try to soldier on losing critical members in recent years, he suggested an alternative route for Angus Young to continue scratching his touring itch.

Displeased with Axl at the helm, we asked him if there is anyone he would have accepted belting out AC/DC classics. Breuer nominated Foo Fighters mainman and all-around good guy Dave Grohl. The link was already in place as Axl had been borrowing Grohl's guitar throne as he nurses a broken foot, but the throne is not as much Grohl onstage as Breuer would like. When pointing out the differences between Grohl's voice and the voices of both Brian Johnson and Bon Scott, he sees no problems with Grohl's scratchy, more aggressive voice alongside some of rock's biggest and best hits.

See Jim Breuer talk about the reasons he feels Grohl would have been the better choice for AC/DC in the video above.

Few are as fanatic about AC/DC as Breuer and he even landed Johnson as a guest singer on his debut metal album, Songs From the Garage from Jim Breuer and the Loud & Rowdy. Orders for the album can be placed through Metal Blade. The comedian / singer will be taking the album on the road, combining songs with his comedy routine and a list of upcoming dates can be seen here.

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