Commercial Jet service is coming to Telluride.

It's about a two-and-a-half hour drive from Grand Junction to Telluride. I've made the trip several times. For others visiting the mountain town from further away, being able to take a jet would centrally be appealing. Now, for the first time in history, the Telluride Regional Airport is offering commercial jet service starting May 15th!

Flying to Telluride isn't new. Prop planes have been flying in and out of the Telluride Regional Airport for years. Commercial jet service, that's what's new. Regional carrier Denver Air Connection will begin offering daily flights from Denver to Telluride all year long, except for a couple of breaks in the spring and fall. The flights will be onboard a 30-seat jet with an in-air travel time will be only about 40 minutes. To drive from Denver to Telluride, that takes about six-and-a-half hours! .

The locals like the idea. “Jet service from Denver to Telluride greatly improves accessibility and convenience...It is a game-changer that enhances Telluride’s global profile,” says Telluride Mayor Sean Murphy. Mountain Village Mayor Laila Benitez adds “The expansion of commercial jet service into Telluride Regional Airport is a tremendous benefit for our community and visitors...the continued growth in air capacity and flight options is a significant driver for our local economy..."

Credit: 9News

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