Someone is moving into the old Which Wich building at 2430 Patterson Road in Grand Junction, Colorado. Given the information available, it appears a popular confectionary will be setting up shop near Home Depot and the Mesa Mall.

After a quick call and an email or two, a City of Grand Junction - Community Development representative was able to shed a little light on the subject.

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Restaurant Space Near Home Depot In Grand Junction

Not that long ago, the easternmost unit at 2430 Patterson Road in Grand Junction was occupied by Which Wich. As of today, Tuesday, March 30, 2023, that unit sits empty. If you look closer, though, you'll see a remodel is underway. In addition, the City of Grand Junction has received an application for a sign permit for this address.

Grand Juntion Ice Cream shop old which wich building
Waylon Jordan

Who's Moving In?

I received the following reply from the City of Grand Junction - Community Development:

It will be a restaurant called La Michoacana. Thank you for asking.

What Is La Michoacana?

If you search La Michoacana, you'll find a site inviting you to "Experience Mexican-Inspired Ice Cream." The site adds, "At La Michoacana we produce high-quality and innovative paletas, Coolstix (traditionally known as bolis), and vasitos (cups), spreading felicidad throughout thousands of retail stores in the United States."

Location In Glenwood Springs, Colorado

The business La Autentica Michoacana currently operates at 3120 Blake Avenue, Unit F in the Roaring Fork Marketplace in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. After a brief conversation with a neighboring business, it was confirmed the business in Grand Junction is affiliated with the store in Glenwood Springs.

Magnificent Menu

If you glance at the items offered at the Glenwood Springs location, you'll be blown away by the extraordinary confections they whip up. Reviews suggest it is the "best ice cream in town" and compliment the staff on their willingness to explain to guests the various treats they serve.

Not To Be Confused With...

At this time, La Miichoacana Artisan & Moab Treasure operates at 83 East Center Street in Moab, Utah. After a call to the owner of that business, it was learned they are in no way affiliated with the business opening soon in Grand Junction.

At this time, no information has been given regarding an opening date.

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