While the hype for Colorado's first Buc-ees, which is set to open later this year, is stronger than ever, another massive convenience store, that is an actual truck stop, just opened up down I-25 last week.

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New Colorado Truck Stop Near Buc-ees Is Now Open

Big Rob TSM
Big Rob TSM

The hype for the new Buc-ees in Johnstown, Colorado, the very first Buc-ees in Colorado is at an all-time high. Expected to open this spring, it'll be the biggest of its kind in the state. What's interesting is with all of the hype and the insane amount of gas pumps, none of them are for big trucks. So, where do they go?

While not a Buc-ees, just south of the future Buc-ees on I-25 in Mead, Colorado, is the 10th location of a famous truck stop brand born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in September of 1958. While not as massive as their future I-25 neighbor, this new Colorado addition can hold its own. And, yes, it serves as an actual truck stop, unlike Buc-ees.

Colorado's Newest Colorado QuikTrip Location Opens In Mead

Big Rob TSM
Big Rob TSM

Located just off of I-25 and Highway 66 in Mead, Colorado, is the 10th QuickTrip location to open in Colorado since debuting here in 2022. It's the first of the five planned Colorado QT locations in 2024

Yes, there is a location just down at the next exit, but this is a much larger location that's made to better accommodate all of our fantastic truck drivers up and down I-25. The available space in Firestone at their location at I-25 and Highway 119, wasn't nearly the size of the plot they have at its new Mead location.

If you've never been inside of a QT, here's why people love this place so much. Gas, snacks, a kitchen making fresh food, and more, they have it all at QT.

Take An Exclusive Look Inside One Of Colorado's Newest QuikTrip (QT) Locations

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Gallery Credit: Big Rob TSM

You can get all the fun of the Longmont location and more, plus it'll accommodate the largest of vehicles as well. I haven't seen the gas prices from the highway just yet (they never make big signs, which is odd), but if they follow in the footsteps of Longmont, expect to see some of the cheapest gas in the state as they welcome new customers to check out their fantastic new facility.

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