Like most states, Colorado is home to some intense rivalries. Denver Broncos fans can't stand the Raiders, Colorado Avalanche fans don't have nice things to say about the Red Wings, and even within the state lies a fierce rivalry between the University of Colorado and Colorado State University's football programs.

However, one source for drama has nothing to do with sports but has nonetheless played out like a soap opera within Colorado and beyond.

Why is the Term 'Ice Box' a Source of Drama in Colorado?

In case you're not familiar, the tiny town of Fraser, Colorado bears the nickname, "Ice Box of Colorado." However, there was a time when another frigid town in Minneapolis by the name of International Falls was locked in a heated battle with Fraser over the use of the "Ice Box of the Nation" moniker.

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The dispute was settled in 1989 with International Falls gaining the rights after paying the Colorado town $2000. 

However, the drama was far from over as once International Falls' trademark expired, Fraser once again tried to obtain the name but a judge eventually ruled in favor of the Minnesota town.

Should Fraser Colorado be the Ice Box of Colorado?

While Fraser currently holds the 'Ice Box of Colorado' name, there have even been disputes over it within the state's borders.

For example, based solely on average temperature, Gunnison and Alamosa have been the coldest towns in Colorado since 2006, and it's these towns that are actually referred to as the 'Ice Box' by the National Weather Service in Pueblo.

In addition, towns like Leadville, Grand Lake, Craig, and Maybell have all experienced colder average temperatures than Fraser.

However, for now, Fraser continues to hang on to the Colorado-specific moniker but only time will tell what the future holds.

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