Did Weezer and Slipknot really once plan a co-headlining tour together called the "Sleezer" tour? It sounds like a bit of mismatched bill, no?

Yet that's the rumor that a nu-metal fan account on X, the social media site formerly known as Twitter, would seemingly have you believe.

But think — before now, had you ever heard of a proposed Slipknot and Weezer tour that would've come together sometime circa 2002?

Because, as with other misinformation, it's simply not true. And the tour rumor was correctly refuted by X's content moderating Community Notes.

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So how did the Weezer and Slipknot tour rumor start? Earlier this month (Oct. 24), the X account crazy ass moments in nu metal history (@numetal_moment) evidently sparked the rumor with a post that added fake quotes attributed to Weezer bandleader Rivers Cuomo alongside a legitimate photo of the rocker with Slipknot's Jim Root and Chris Fehn at the 2002 Reading Festival.

No, the Tour Was Never Real

The post reads, "The only known photo from Slipknot and Weezer's planned co-headlining 'Sleezer' tour. The tour was cancelled after Rivers decided there was no order the bands could play that would work claiming, 'Either we go first and our fans get pulverized or they go first and we die.'"

X / Twitter: @numetal_moment

As the subsequent Community Note added by readers explains, "This picture was taken at Reading Festival 2002, there never was a planned 'Sleezer' tour, this post and quote is fabricated."

X / Twitter

But Community Notes has yet to catch up by the latest Slipknot-Weezer tour fabrication from crazy ass moments in nu metal history. Days after the original was corrected (Oct. 28), a doctored scan of a 2002 Weezer interview purported to tell more about the Sleezer tour with further fake Cuomo quotes:

I had this idea for a co-headlining tour, us and Slipknot, 'Sleezer.' I'm all about rap metal now, I wanted to do this. Everyone said it wouldn't work but I believed. Turns out everyone was right. Once we met and started going over logistics it became pretty clear that it wouldn't work. It would have been great, we were going to do 'No Life' they would have done 'Getchoo.'

As one can see from the original magazine piece, this was never said by Cuomo, nor is Slipknot mentioned in the article. (However, Weezer do strangely call themselves "superpunk" in it.)

Alas, you can consider the Weezer/Slipknot Sleezer tour rumor officially debunked.

X / Twitter: @numetal_moment

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