An organization based in Colorado has been doing good things for quite some time now, including keeping the blues alive in our great state.

Keep scrolling to learn about the Colorado Blues Society and what it's all about.

What is the Colorado Blues Society?

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Over a decade ago, an organization was formed here in Colorado to celebrate the genre we know as the blues, and over that period of time have done some great things across our state.

The organization's mission statement outlines two main goals of the Colorado Blues Society which are "preserving Blues heritage" and "increasing awareness of and appreciation for the Blues as an indigenous American art form."

What Does the Colorado Blues Society Do?

One of the main feel-good activities that the Colorado Blues Society is known for is sponsoring Blues in the Schools programs, which are programs that see musicians visiting schools to teach and perform the blues for students.

In addition to educating these students about the music of the blues, the organization touches on related topics related to history and storytelling and even created the John Alex-Mason scholarship fund, in memory of the late Western Colorado-based musician of the same name.

The organization's website offers a calendar of blues-related events, as well as a newsletter known as The Holler that members can subscribe to. It should also be noted that according to the Colorado Blues Society website, approximately 500 members belong to the organization.

While the blues as a form of music is still alive and well long after its heyday, it's certainly people like the Colorado Blues Society that play a big part in maintaining its relevance.

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