It's Free Fishing Weekend in Colorado!

Fishing is one of those traditions handed down from generation to generation. I've forgotten much about the time I spent with my father. Most of my more vivid memories are of our hunting and fishing trips together. There's a framed photo on the wall of my bedroom of my dad making a cast into a small pond on my grandparent's farm in central Missouri. I'm about 3 or 4 years old and standing beside him waiting patiently to get my hands on that rod and reel watching with anticipation for that bobber to go under. On my dresser, there's an almost identical picture of me making a cast with my son at my side. It wasn't planned, it just happened. That's how traditions work.

This weekend is Colorado Parks & Wildlife "Free Fishing Weekend." It's the perfect opportunity to establish a family tradition of your own and instill the love of fishing into your child's soul. Saturday and Sunday you won't need a Fishing License or Habitat Stamp to fish on public water in Colorado.

You won't have to travel far. There are several places in and around Grand Junction. Near Mack, there's Mack Mesa Lake; it was heavily stocked with trout this spring. Also in that area is Highline Lake; it too was recently stocked with trout. Highland is also good for warm-water species like bass and bluegill. Just outside of Fruita is the Fruita State Park Pond; It's stocked with trout, bass, sunfish, and bluegills. On the west edge of Grand Junction, there's the James M. Robb Connected Lakes; it makes a great place for a family fishing outing without leaving town. Besides fishing its a nice place for a bike ride, canoeing, or rafting. You can fish for bluegills, smallmouth and largemouth bass, channel catfish, and carp. Corn Lake; is just east of Orchard Mesa and is regularly stocked with catchable rainbow trout. The stocked trout are easy to catch with most baits or lures. Palisade Riverbend Park Pond; this little spot is regularly stocked with catchable rainbow trout. It has a fishing pier and receives very little fishing pressure.

Just because it's "Free Fishing Day" it doesn't mean that size and possession limits don't apply, they do. For a link to all of Colorado's public fishing locations and a brochure of all rules and regulations, click HERE.

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