Delta is a great city. I've always found the people to be super friendly and specifically, it seems like guys there are normally in a good mood. Why is that? I think the answer can be found in a few stats I found on Delta's Wikipedia page.

According to the demographic statistics there, for every 91 guys age 18 or older, there are 100 women. That can mean a lot of things. Either there are 91 very happy guys in stable relationships with 9 women waiting in the wings for something to go wrong. Or, there could be 1 guy with 10 girlfriends. As Charlie Sheen used to say, WINNING!

Not everything is roses and sunshine for Delta, though. According to the same Wikipedia page, the average family size in Delta is 3.08. What's the .08? This must mean that many families in Delta must have a dog with only one leg. Terrible! Stop the madness!