Is The Doors Jim Morrison's son headed to prison? Probably not but, because they share the same name Cliff Morrison the robber claims the late rocker as his father.

Cliff Morrison decided to change a not guilty plea to no contest for a robbery in 2010. It all began in on January 4, 2010 when Cliff racked up robbery, felony evading and assault with a deadly weapon charges. The career criminal plead the charges down to the single robbery charge. It all began when he robbed a gas staion and led cops on a chase then attempted to ram a cop with his car. He had to be tasered multiple times after he was wrestled to the ground.

Somehow, most likely with his attorney, he was able to cut a deal to only go down on the robbery charge and now has 10 years to try and impress fellow inmates with his claims of being Jim Morrison's offspring. Surprisingly enough there may be some truth to the claims of being The Doors singer's son.

His mother says Cliff was given a DNA test 20 years ago with the results sent to Jim Morrison's family. The results of the two decades old DNA test have never been challenged, released or commented on. On top of that Cliff actually possesses some sort of musical talent and was the lead singer of a band that once included Waylon Krieger, Robert Krieger's son.

With his claim to fame possibly he can use that to his benefit with fellow prisoners. Or will it make him more of a target if fellow prisoners don't believe he's the son of the rocker who had his own run-ins with the law? Just don't expect any updates to the band's Facebook page any time soon. Unless he can get a cell phone smuggled into a California prison, which apparently happens all the time.

Need a good laugh? Check out the band's website.

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