French Super Criminal
In a story that seems copied directly from the pages of a comic book, a French super criminal escaped from jail on Saturday by using arms and explosives to blast his way out of incarceration. Infamous criminal Redoine Faid escaped from Lille-Sequedin penitentiary northern France by holding four guar…
Some People Will do Anything to get out of Work
Last year Casey James Fury wanted to go home from work because he was suffering from anxiety and didn’t have any sick leave or vacation time left. Fury worked at the Naval Shipyard in Kittery, Main and thought if he set fire to the U.S.S. Miami he would get to go home. Fury’s fire caused over $400 m…
Man Breaks Back Into Prison By Impersonating Guard
Perhaps because he missed the food, or maybe he just missed getting his back hair gnawed at on a regular basis? Whatever the reason, an ex-inmate of New York’s Riker’s Island prison was recently charged with breaking back into jail by impersonating a guard.

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