Applebee’s announces it's closing as many as 80 restaurants nationwide.

It would be a shame if this would includes Grand Junction's only location. I've been to our local Applebee's several times. I love their burgers and their BBQ Brisket Tacos. The Whisky Bacon Burger is my favorite.

Applebee's too is the home of those famous $1 adult beverages! We're in the final days of February's "Dollarmama" deal. It's their version of a typical Bahama Mama cocktail served in a 10 oz. mug. The drink is made with rum and Applebee’s “new, proprietary mix of pineapple, lime, and orange juice and with coconut and cherry.” Back in October, it was the $1 Margaritas and in November the $1 Long Island Iced Teas called "Dollar L.I.T's"!

Nearly 100 Applebee's were closed last year and now the company looks to close another 80 more. No word yet if Grand Junction's location will be a casualty. In 2017 Applebee's sales fell 5.3%, and it's sister chain, IHOP also declined nearly 2%. The chains say the decline is due to it's continued "struggle to attract young diners."

Credit: Fortune 

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