New York City is the worlds #1 consumer of marijuana.

When I heard this, I was surprised. Colorado pot shops raked in $1.51 billion in marijuana sales in 2017. With those kinds of numbers and Denver the largest city in Colorado, that would make the city a top consumer, right? Wrong! It's not even close. Matter of fact, Denver didn't even make the top 10! New York City is #1 and by a long shot!

Big Apple residents consume more marijuana than any other city in the world! New Yorkers smoke, eat, and vape over 77 tons of weed every year! That info comes from Seedo. They produce growing systems and are social advocates for legalization of the drug.

Granted, New York City is one of the worlds largest with over 8.5 million residents but still stunning for a city and state where marijuana is contraband. It's estimated that if cannabis was legal in NYC, it would bring in more than $150 million in tax revenue!


Other US cities making the Top 10 world weed consumption list were Los Angeles and Chicago. Our neighbors to the north, Toronto are in at the #10 spot.

Credit: Fox31

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