How would you feel if someone texted and told you to "LLAP"? Would your feelings be hurt? Should they be? Is it a sexual predator sexting you with an unwanted message? The answer awaits. In the meantime, here are some acronyms you should be keeping an eye out for. Have you ever received a message containing these?

Parents, this strongly applies to you. Are you aware of what those little acronyms flying back and forth between your children and their peers really stand for? Here's a short list of examples provided by WXYZ in Detroit:

  • IWSN = I Want Sex Now
  • GNOC = Get Naked On Camera
  • NIFOC - Naked In Front Of Computer
  • PIR = Parent In Room
  • CU46 = See You For Sex
  • 9 = Parent Watching
  • 99 = Parent Gone
  • THOT = That Hoe Over There
  • CID = Acid... as in the drug
  • 420 = Marijuana
  • POS = Parent Over Shoulder
  • SUGARPIC = Suggestive or erotic photo
  • IPN = I'm Posting Naked
  • LH6 = Let's Have Sex
  • DOC = Drug Of Choice
  • WTTP = Want To Trade Pictures
  • TWD= Texting While Driving

Some of these look fairly innocent, don't they? Imagine how easily these could be camouflaged in the text of a typical email or text message.

Oh, and the acronym "LLAP" stands for "Live Long and Prosper."