If you need something to do the National Parks are holding a free weekend in honor of Presidents day. That means the National Monument, right in our back yard, is free for the whole family.

The weather man has avoided being tared and feathered and has dialed up a great weekend. The forecast is calling for sunny days with temperatures around 60 degrees.

Guys this just what the doctor ordered for Valentine's Day.

First, you get up Saturday morning make breakfast and take your girl on an afternoon hike. There are a ton of great trails and you will be doing something together that you planed.

Then go home, get cleaned up and go out for the big date night.

Boom you look like the champ and she had a great day.

Dad it's the same for you. Pack up the family and take them on a good hike. They might get a little tired out in the fresh air and go to bed early that night,

Regardless you should get out and enjoy the great outdoors we have in Colorado what better time than when it's free.