Sitting in traffic is no fun. Sure, eventually you will move, but there are just some instances where you will be stuck. There have been a lot of closures on Interstate 70 in the high country lately for one reason or another and mostly everyone knows that there is an inherent risk of sitting for a prolonged amount of time in traffic.

Interstate 70 shut down in Glenwood Canyon on Saturday due to a snow closure. The cars were at a standstill and the band, Elk Range, decided there was no better time than right then and there to put on an impromptu concert. On the interstate. In the snow.

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As you can see in the video, the band playing on the interstate playing for stuck motorists luted in quite the crowd. This is one of those types of situations that Elk Range made the best out of being stuck in traffic in the middle of a snowstorm.

The video was picked up by TikTok account, i70things, which shares wild things that tend to happen on Interstate 70.

Currently, the video on TikTok has over 34k likes and has been viewed more than 250k times. We're pretty sure that if you happen to have got stuck on the interstate this weekend with Elk Range, you were thankful for the free show.


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