The Denver Broncos hired Gary Kubiak as their new head coach. The big question is how will he do?

Kubiak has signed a 4-year deal to take over the Broncos becoming the team's 15th head coach is team history.

Gary Kubiak was drafted in the 8th round of the 1983 draft and played his whole career in Denver. Kubiak didn't get to play much, but was John Elway's back for nine years.

He was then on the Denver coaching staff for another 10 years before taking the reins in Houston. He has three Super Bowl rings as a coach, one with the 49ers and two with Denver.

Kubiak had a 61-64 regular season record and was just 2-2 in the playoffs as the Houston head coach.

Take the poll and let us know how do you think he will do as the Denver Head Coach?

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