Here in Colorado, you've got the option to turn your Thanksgiving into Danksgiving. From live resin cranberry sauce and turkey leg-shaped joint, here's how to celebrate Danksgiving in Colorado.

Don't Try To Eat This Turkey Leg

I wouldn't eat that if I were you. Even though it looks like a turkey leg, that is a joint.

The Cider Is Spiked

Celebrate Danksgiving with a spiked cider. That's no regular cider there, that's got tincture in it..and maybe some booze too.

Extra Saucey Cranberry Sauce

Live resin, also known called sauce, not only shares the name with cranberry sauce, it also matches the consistency. This cranberry sauce is extra saucey.

Green Bean Blunt

Get inspiration from your green beans for this one. You can celebrate Danksgiving with a blunt that resembles a green bean, green paper and all.

This Chocolate Pie is Twice As Edible

This chocolate pie is made with cannabis infused chocolate edibles and a dank end to your Danksgiving. The edibles make the edibility of this pie increase by two-fold.

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