Don't do these things in Colorado, just don't. Unless you really want to make someone mad. Ordering a regular beer is how you can begin the Colorado rage.

Source: Brandon Thomas and Channel 95.7

  • Order a Regular Beer


    Don't order a regular beer in Colorado. Why would you order a regular beer when you have so many delicious craft beers to choose from? You're in Colorado, the cheap beer days are over.

  • Be an Oakland Raiders Fan

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    Being an Oakland Raiders fan is not a good thing here in Colorado. Have you heard of the Denver Broncos? You should probably check them out (and starting loving them) sometime soon.

  • Denver is Overrated


    "Denver is overrated, Salt Lake City is much better," is something you should never say in Colorado. Lying isn't cool.

  • Driving Stupidly


    There's a lot of roads where the speed limit is 75 in Colorado. You're going to get road rage if you're going the speed limit. Especially if you're getting onto the highway. Speed it up!