If you're familiar with the hit '90s tv show Seinfeld, then you're probably familiar with the bizarre holiday that George's dad, Frank, created, called Festivus. Well, technically Festivus is today, December 23rd, and here are ways to properly prepare to celebrate tonight in Grand Junction.

There are three main components to Festivus; the airing of grievances, the feats of strength, and the Festivus Pole.

1. The Airing of Grievances

The airing of grievances is an opportunity for those celebrating Festivus to share the problems they have with other people. This can be done at things like open mic nights, suggestion boxes or just hop on a group on Facebook and let loose.

2. Feats of Strength

The feats of strength is basically a wrestling match, traditionally between George Costanza and his dad, but there are options to recreate this Festivus tradition in Grand Junction. For example, you may have driven past Sherwood Park and seen people dressed in Medieval costumes fighting with foam swords, this is called Live Action Role-Playing or "LARPing." If that's not your style, you can cruise by a gym that offers martial arts or boxing facilities and go at it.

3. The Festivus Pole

Legend has it, Frank Costanza was so sick of getting a hold of a tree and decorating it with ornaments and lights that he replaced the Christmas Tree with a Festivus Pole. The pole is bare, and roughly six feet tall if memory serves. A Festivus Pole can likely be acquired at Spencer's in the Mesa Mall. Now, these poles aren't traditionally made for this wacky holiday, if you catch my drift, but they can certainly have multiple purposes.

There you have it, plenty of options on how to celebrate Festivus this year, and ideas on how to be better prepared next year. Happy Festivus!

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