Last week the Governor released info on the outdoor's impact.

Departing Governor John Hickenlooper released the latest data touting the impact of outdoor recreation on Colorado's economy. The numbers aren't just impressive, they're mind-blowing!

On Friday, giving what will be one of his final speeches before he leaves the office for a probable run at the presidency, the governor spoke about the future of Colorado's outdoors. There are few states that can match Colorado when it comes to outdoor recreation. Hiking, biking, hunting, fishing, camping and more, this place truly has something for everyone. All of which is not only enjoyed by those that live here but by people from across the country and around the world. They're flocking to Colorado in record numbers!

How much is all it worth? In 2017 the economic impact topped $37 Billion in consumer spending. That's billion with a capital B! Those sales generated $9B in local and federal taxes. The number of Colorado jobs tied directly to the outdoor economy is north of 500,000!  The total economic contribution in salaries, wages, and spending were $62 Billion in 2017! That's nearly double what it was just five years ago! Talk about a booming business! Here on the Western Slope, nearly 134,000 jobs are tied directly to the outdoor economy.

In 1859 it was gold! The Rocky Mountains were exemplified by the phrase "Pikes Peak or Bust"! Today, it's the mountains themselves and the outdoors that are Colorado's most precious resource.

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