A Chicago diner has filed a lawsuit against McDonald’s in a Cook County Court for something her children ate. Anishi Spencer filed the suit on Wednesday on behalf of her two and three year old sons. The family had gone to the local McDonald’s, ordered their food and went into the play area to enjoy their meal.

The suit claims that her kids found a used condom in the play area and one of them ate it. She also claims that both children had to receive medical treatment because of the incident. The suit accuses the fast food giant of failing to properly clean the play area and not using surveillance to uncover any “deviant activities” at its eatery.
I know that young kids put everything in their mouths but damn: not one person saw the used condom on the floor? I’m not sure I buy this claim, I have been in McDonald’s in many states and I will have to say they do a good job of keeping the place clean, so I find it hard the believe.