When you think of filming locations for movies, places that typically come to mind include popular studio cities like Los Angeles or even more exotic locales like New Zealand or Scotland depending on the genre. However, there are quite a few horror movies that were filmed right here in Colorado over the years.

Horror Movies Filmed in Colorado

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I'll never forget the first time I watched the 1998 Dean Koontz horror film 'Phantoms' starring Ben Affleck and thinking to myself, "this looks familiar." I had a feeling that the movie was filmed in Georgetown, Colorado and after a quick Google search I found out that I was correct.

Cheesy, Low-Budged Horror Filmed in Colorado

While 'Phantoms' is one horror film with rather big-name actors in it, the majority of horror movies filmed in Colorado are a little lower-budget than the Dean Koontz treatment.

For example, there are a few really cheesy, purposefully goofy horror movies that were filmed in Colorado with titles such as 'Killer Tumbleweeds' and 'Tsunambee,' the winged cousin of 'Sharknado.'

Dee Snider's Movie Was Filmed in Colorado

Another movie that was filmed in Colorado that caught me by surprise was 'Strangeland,' a film that I'd seen years ago starring Twisted Sister's Dee Snider as a psychopath with entirely too many piercings. That particular movie was filmed in Colorado Springs.

Colorado's Lakeside Amusement Park, Jonathan Lipnicki + More

It may also surprise you that a film starring 'Jerry Maguire' star Jonathan Lipnicki called 'Beware the Lake' was filmed in Colorado, as well as a film called 'Decay' which used Denver's Lakeside Amusement Park as its backdrop.

Take a look at 28 horror movies that were filmed in Colorado:

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