This weekend marked the start of Colorado's statewide DUI enforcement.

Holiday parties are happening. So is this year's Colorado State Patrol holiday DUI enforcement. These enhanced patrols continue through Monday, December 17th. This effort is part of the Colorado Department Of Transportation's ongoing "The Heat Is On" campaign.

CSP, along with local law enforcement agencies, will be out in force throughout this holiday season. 106 law enforcement agencies along with CSP Troopers will be participating in the crackdown. Last year, this special enforcement period nabbed 656 impaired drivers. Last December alone, there were 50 fatalities on Colorado highways. 10 were killed in accidents involving impaired drivers.

"Impaired driving causes injuries, physical and emotional, that can last a lifetime, and it's a serious crime. Don't take a risk with your future or somebody else's; driving either drunk or high is a DUI," says National Highway Transportation Safety Administration Deputy Administrator Heidi King.

There are always better options than driving under the influence. There are ride-hailing services like Lyft, Uber and local taxis that can get you home safely. If you're in a group, always use a designated driver. And have a Happy & Safe Holiday season!

Credit: CDOT 

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