This historic $8 million mansion on the Western Slope comes with over 1,000 acres. See the 'Cattle Barons Castle' ranch that was established in the 1800s.

This mansion/ranch is at 31052 Oak Mesa Road in Hotchkiss and is about 6,700 feet high. The stone mansion has four bedrooms, three bathrooms and is 4,000 square feet and on 1,400 acres. Imagine not being able to see your neighbors -- just imagine.

The 7X ranch is a landmark here in Western Colorado and was established in the late 1800s. According to the listing, the working ranch was known as 'Cattle Barons Castle.'

Along with the stone mansion, there's also a stone carriage house, a barn and homestead log cabin. There are ponds, springs, wells, cattle barns, and corrals. You can even fish and hunt on your own land.

500 acres of the 1,400 acres are irrigated. This place is a working cattle ranch and also produces their own hay.

There's so much land here, you could literally get lost on your property.

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