A former Colorado Rockies player/manager is selling their $2 million mansion in Castle Rock. The Colorado mansion even has a baseball field in the front yard.

You can live like a straight-up baller in this Colorado mansion in Castle Rock. Walt Weiss, who's a former Rockies shortstop and manager, is selling his mansion for a cool $2 million. The house is over 10,000 square feet with six bedrooms and eight bathrooms.

This Caste Rock mansion at 1275 Castle Pointe Drive is in a gated community on 35 acres and very clearly belonged to a baseball player. There's a baseball field literally in the front yard. Along with the baseball field, there's a basketball court, pool and batting cage too. One of the bedrooms is even Star Wars themed, which I'm guessing is one of Walt's kid's. Walt seems like a pretty cool guy.

It seems like there's a reoccurring baseball theme in the house. Other than the batting cage, baseball field and baseball-themed room, there seems to be lots of circular objects covering the house, (the windows, the floor in the foyer, etc) which all resemble baseballs.

The $2 million mansion is on 35 acres, which is plenty of space to get away from your neighbors and pretty much everyone. This mansion also has a full gym, which makes sense for Walt, huge, gorgous bathrooms and a huge ktichen. See the full listing and gallery here.

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